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Nemo tenetur prodere seipsum

(‘no one is obliged to accuse himself)

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Tracey Gore

Tracey Gore latest august 17

Tracey Gore has two sons a sister Fleur Thompson and mother Sheela Hagan

Explaining my case by video.

I have thousands of documents some of which I have not scanned and catalogued. Asking someone to read each document would be asking for the impossible. I have therefore only published sections or first pages of some documents (Affidavits & Police Statements) as a means of clarity. This is a work in progress as I keep finding more relevant pages daily.

Most of these documents are now in digital form making it easier for someone to receive them.

There are 4 main videos. Running times vary from 26 minutes through to 36 minutes (click to see). Short videos made to clarify certain points with a running time of just a few minutes can be seen Throughout this website.

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Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice by Tracey Gore & Others

Blackmail by Tracey Gore & Others

Offences Against the Person by Tracey Gore & Others

Perjury by Tracey Gore & Others

Tracey Gore her mother Sheela Hagan and sister Fleur Thompson tried Blackmailing me on false allegations.

The above video contains relevant evidence.

What Are The Known -The Facts

Evil is defined as:  profoundly immoral and wicked. Elements that are commonly associated with evil involve unbalanced behavior involving anger, revenge, fear, hatred, psychological trauma, expediency, selfishness, ignorance, or neglect. Tracey Gore fits neatly into all these categories. Tracey Gore is inherently evil it runs in the family.

On the 25th November 1999 Tracey Gore made a sworn declaration (affidavit)

Heading affidavit

1. I am the daughter of Sheelagh Colton and I make this Affidavit in support of my mother's financial claim in her divorce proceedings.

Tracey Gore lied at my divorce (3 day Fact Finding Hearing) in support of her mothers financial claim.

She and her sister Fleur Thompson gave harrowing accounts of being sexually abused my me when they were children.

The times dates etc of these alleged actions by me, were all very vague, contradictory and provable lies.

My solicitor was Andrew D Allenby (Employee - Crown Prosecution Service Lincolnshire) and my barrister  Gary Self   (Pump Court Chambers). Gary Self qualifications are in  Business & Commercial, Consumer, Contract, Employment.

These 2 lawyers had evidence proving Tracey Gore and others were lying. I gave them the evidence, It was never used.

Consequently Judge Cooper found me guilty of the allegations. However I returned to court later and presented the withheld evidence. Judge Cooper made complaints against all the lawyers who were suspended from practicing law for several years.



Gary Self barrister

Tracey Gore made a number of fantasy statements against me, all of which are provable lies.

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