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Never in the field of British justice has so many been let down by so few!

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OK. Let’s assume you have been arrested for a crime (especially a sex crime) were you are maintaining your innocence. At this point YOU are the one very likely to secure your own conviction. Believing you can explain your innocence and stop the prosecution. WRONG!

Let's say you are accused of a sex crime that occurred on a certain date. I was on holiday in America on that date you proclaim. The police will take all the particulars of your holiday, once they have all the details they will then re-interview the complainant, who will then be encouraged to change her statement saying, she was really upset and traumatised when she made her first statement but now realise she got the dates wrong. The court will except this with glee.

When arrested you are often put in a cell.

This is to soften you up ready for the interview in a very small room.

You should have been arrested on the ‘suspicion of this or that’.  Getting your brain in order often has a calming effect. Something the police do not want you to have. Ask for a solicitor you may then be put back in a cell.

The police interview is in the main a fishing expedition and a trap. A trap to get you to say something that supports their narrative.


Of course, this lawyer is correct. BUT let’s say you have an alibi that clearly proves your innocence, which is often the case in sex offences. You should think very carefully. Do you tell the police here and now?

Or wait to give you time to look at all your options.

See case 1 below.


stressed man


A guy goes out with his mates on a Saturday night. He meets a woman and they go back to his place. They have sex and she goes home. The woman then makes a complaint to the police of rape against the man claiming she fled the house in anguish due to the rape. He is arrested and taken in for questioning. Later he is charged with rape.

To the public sex offences are graver than murder. The stress this causes the man is considerable. Often men commit suicide. So, this man is beside himself with worry. What will his friend’s family think of him and he will likely lose his job?

The case moves to trial, a jury is sworn in and he is put in the ‘dock’. He finds himself more relaxed after months of waiting and worrying. He looks around the court for video cameras wondering if his face is going to be broadcast on the evening news.

He then realises he has a (CTV) video camera outside his property. He calls over his solicitor and tells him. Holy shit hits the fan the video is retrieved showing him at the front door with the woman kissing each other and waving each other good bye.

I was in prison with this guy (held on remand). Several of the inmates called him stupid a twatt and other derogatory terms for not remembering, stress can cause memory loss. The case ends with ‘No case to answer’. Never-the-less he was freeman out there rebuilding his life.

If he had remembered the CTV camera outside his home and told the police when being interviewed what do you think would have happened?


Which ever way you think of it, there is no denying, British justice is and has been for decades CRAP!

Where an allegation is the sentence rules.

Pampered judges corrupt to the core rule over the peasants is institutionalised. Oppressive, authoritarian regimes, widespread abuse of human rights and dignity are just a few examples of how these self-appointed gods operate against the people.

If you listen carefully you will hear George Orwell laughing from his grave.

Its so bloody sad!