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Never in the field of British justice have so many been let down by so few!

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Stitched up by Dorset and Norfolk police.


Represented by Simon Rogers who claimed he was the Duty Soliciitor.

on the 19th April 2008 Norfolk police arrested me at my home in DISS (Norfolk) for Harassment on the Handwritten note by PC 2254 Tracey Spencer of Dorset police requesting Norfolk Police to arrest me (Arrest/Summons Ref: 08/36BC/01/3651W) for HARASSMENT.

Norfolk police forced entry into my property seizing several items which included a 3.000 video camera. The unnecessary forced entry by Norfolk Police, the seizing of my possessions (under the Harassment Act) was unlawful.

Because Harassment is only a summary offence there is no provision in the Act for the seizure of property. Norfolk police ignored the law and seized my computer, camera and other stuff.