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Sheela Hagan


Sheela Hagan has two daughters Tracey Gore and Fleur Thompson. She also has a son.

Explaining my case by video.

I have thousands of documents some of which I have not scanned and catalogued. Asking someone to read each document would be asking for the impossible. I have therefore only published sections or first pages of some documents (Affidavits & Police Statements) as a means of clarity. This is a work in progress as I keep finding more relevant pages daily.

Most of these documents are now in digital form making it easier for someone to receive them.


There are 4 main videos. Running times vary from 26 minutes through to 36 minutes (click to see). Short videos made to clarify certain points with a running time of just a few minutes can be seen throughout this website.

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Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice by Sheela Hagan & Others

Blackmail by Sheela Hagan & Others

Offences Against the Person by Sheela Hagan & Others

Perjury by Sheela Hagan & Others

After I had started divorce proceedings (1999) Sheela Hagan (formerly Sheelagh Colton) made 2 Affidavits in support of her financial claim in these proceedings.

The 1st affidavit laid out the reasons why she should obtain the lions share of the matrimonial assets. 

At para 2 of her affidavit she states:

    2. When I met the Petitioner in 1977 had two daughters Tracey who was then five, and Fleur who was three. We began to live together with Mr Colton who was then a Caretaker at Heatheridge County Primary School in Camberley in 1978.

The evidence shows she did not give up the residency of her own property until 12th February 1979.

Also at para 2 Hagan states:

    When I met the petitioner in 1977

Again the evidence shows we met in July 1978

Hagans daughter in her affidavit stated:

    3. Looking back on my life, trying to work out what happened and where, I realised that this day was when it all started. I was four years old. My stepfather was the caretaker at the school directly behind the bungalow where we lived. I can remember climbing up in the garden to look over the fence watching all the children playing and thinking how lucky my sister Tracey was to be at school. I also remember having a birthday at the bungalow and then going to school briefly before we moved house

The evidence shows the daughter (Fleur Thompson) was already going to school before moving in with me.

These discrepancies occur on the very first pages of a series of lies, deceit. and fabrications. Stemming from sheer greed.

What is equally worrying is my solicitor Andrew Allenby and my barrister Gary Self hid this evidence from my divorce hearing.

It was not until I had regained some of my cognitive senses, that I presented the evidence before District Judge Cooper that I got some justice. He amongst other things, made complaints against all the lawyers (including Hagan's lawyers) who were prevented from practicing law for several years. 

Hagan's 1st page affidavit

Running time 36 minutes

Sheela Hagan ex-wife Tracey Gore her eldest daughter and sister Fleur Thompson tried Blackmailing me on false allegations.

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