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(‘no one is obliged to accuse himself)

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The Probation Service UK

Today (23-4-2017) I had a meeting with a Mr Low a Formal Complaints Officer for the Probation Service. This was in response to a complaint I had made against 4 Probation officers. I found Mr. low affable and professional, in many ways it was like talking to my brother, whose safe well organized life would bore me to tears. The sucker punch came early in this two and half hour meeting.

This stated Mr Low (referring to my criminal case) is all your opinion. Not so I replied, it is all fact based with evidence to that effect .

The crux of my complaint.

Norfolk Probation Service (since my release on parole in 2014) have opposed my right to publish crimes against me (Crimes Against the Person Act 1861), by my wife and her two daughters. That include Threats to Kill me and Blackmail (by 2 private investigators). See Act click

According to Mr Low any man found guilty in one of the Queens Crown Courts is guilty of the offence/s he was charged with. I brought up the case of Ched Evans (a professional football player). In October 2015, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, following a  ten-month investigation, and relying on "new material which was not  considered by the jury at trial" referred the case to an appeal before  the Court of Appeal. Ched Evans had a website with a video of the (woman) complainant shown.

Evans was acquitted.

Mr Low responded by stating: “it doesn't mean he is innocent”



In the meantime it is worth watching the above video.



On Video

Open Probation Report

The Probation Service - Corrupt

Dealing with corrupt organisations still leaves me with an open mouth. So confident in their corrupt capabilities, they tread constantly in pig shit without batting an eye lid. They like the smell. ITS HOMELY


Michael Spurr
Chief Executive



Sonia Crozier
Director, Probation



Simon Boddis
Director, National Offender Management Service in Wales


Download my complaint Click

Negotiation tactics are the detailed methods employed by negotiators to gain an advantage. Tactics are often deceptive and manipulative and are used to fulfil one party's goals and objectives - often to the detriment of others.

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The National Probation Service propaganda slogan.

All someone needs to become a probation officer is the ability to LIE

Take this story

My previous probation officer lied, quite a bit, and made false statements. No, I'm not just bitching because I didn't like various things she wrote. I have evidence of some of the lies (lies which caused significant distress, hardship and anxiety to my family and myself. I did hope to serve my sentence with a dignified silence (for a crime I was guilty of - but certainly not to the extent of my punishment; another story).  Click to see full story

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