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PACE ACT 1984  click here to open

This Code applies to people in police detention after midnight on 31 January 2008, notwithstanding that their period of detention may have commenced before that time.

1 General

    1.1 All persons in custody must be dealt with expeditiously, and released as soon as the need for detention no longer applies.

    1.1A  A custody officer must perform the functions in this Code as soon as practicable. A custody officer will not be in breach of this Code if delay is justifiable and reasonable steps are taken to prevent unnecessary delay. The custody record shall show when a delay has occurred and the reason. See Note 1H

    1.2 This Code of Practice must be readily available at all police stations for consultation by:

  • police officers
  • police staff
  • detained persons
  • members of the public.

Current versions and older version can be seen here