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English Justice is Injustice

Nemo tenetur prodere seipsum

(‘no one is obliged to accuse himself)

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Let This Day Show the English Judiciary

Are a Well Organized Oligarchy!

Throughout history, oligarchies have often been tyrannical, relying on public obedience or oppression to exist. Fraud and Perversion of the Course of Justice for a fee is standard practice by English judges.

You have been accused and arrested for a crime that you did not commit. What do you believe happens after your arrest?

  1. Your right to a lawyer
  2. A fair investigation by the police.
  3. A fair appraisal of your case by the prosecuting authority.
  4. A fair trial.

May be at the top of your list.

You will find, or have found, none of the above relate to you and your trial.

After my divorce in 2000 where false allegations were used for the sole reason of getting the lions share of the matrimonial stuff.

I struggled with being made homeless and penniless losing everything I owned. I published the facts on the Internet. Dorset police made the decision to stop me and I was arrested on the same allegations used at my divorce.

Which was strange as I had proved before District Judge Cooper that my wife and her two daughters had lied by way of the false allegations.

Here is the evidence...

Land of Hope and Glory

Britain once a safe haven from authoritarian regimes around the world  (Italy  under Mussolini, Hitler's Third Reich, Spain under Franco, the Greek  military dictatorship, the Soviet states ...) during the 20th Century. Has now in 21st Century become part of the same problem .


The Family Courts

When a relationship breaks down the resulting Divorce Hearing is heard by the Family Court (UK) in private.  A ruling from the Court of Appeal on 19 May in a family case shows just how skewed the system has become when dealing with accusations of abuse. The case is called Re E (a child) and it makes depressing reading. click Here to view. And Here for court document

Any woman who wants the lions share in a divorce simply makes a false allegation. Their fucked-up minds are catered for by an equally fucked-up judge, as in my case.

Shorts on The Family Courts video’s

Sheela Hagan FROM the absolute pits of hell. With 2 sinister daughters  Tracey Gore & Fleur Thompson occupying the same space.



My lawyers refused to represent me. Went out of their way to assist the prosecution.

  • Refused to make a Defence Statement a statutory requirement.
  • Call witnesses
  • Secure available exculpatory evidence etc


Shorts on My Kafka Trial Part 1 video.

Exposure of the wicked.



Evidence that my barrister and solicitor withheld at my trial in cahoots with the Judge Wiggs. Unbelievable corruption by fucked-up evil bastards. they took away 8 years of my life.


Shorts on My Kafka Trial Part 2 video.

Shorts on My Kafka Trial Part 3 video.




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