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Nemo tenetur prodere seipsum

(‘no one is obliged to accuse himself)

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Explaining my case by video.

I have thousands of documents some of which I have not scanned and catalogued. Asking someone to read each document would be asking for the impossible. I have therefore only published sections or first pages of some documents (Affidavits & Police Statements) as a means of clarity. This is a work in progress as I keep finding more relevant pages daily.

Most of these documents are now in digital form making it easier for someone to receive them.


There are 4 main videos. Running times vary from 26 minutes through to 36 minutes (click to see). Short videos made to clarify certain points with a running time of just a few minutes can be seen Throughout this website.

Its Real



Direct from the Court of Appeal UK

Defendants facing

trial in England have

NO right to defend


(1)The time had long expired for service of a defence statement before your trial team was instructed. In any event you suffered no prejudice from the failure to serve a statement because you were not cross-examined on this matter, nor was it the subject of an adverse comment in the judge's summing-up;


So, the Court of Appeal make it clear. No Defence Case Statement is required providing the defendant is not questioned on it.

The Court of Appeal does not explain ‘how a defendant can be question on something that does not exist’.

Appeal Judgemet BEATSON Page 1

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The Crown Prosecution Service are according to the Court of Appeal putting out false information!


Sir Jack Beatson, QC, PC, FBA (born 1948),[1] has been a Lord Justice of Appeal since January 2013.[2]

He was previously a High Court judge in the Queen's Bench Division, a Law Commissioner and a professor of law at the University of Cambridge.

Think you will get a fair trial in the UK.




Mr Justice Beatson an outstanding Jewish judge. His work in the justice system is second to none.
Such a good honest judge!

Beatson was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1972, becoming a member of the governing council in 1993 as an honorary Bencher. He was Law Commissioner for England and Wales for five years from July 1989 to 1994,[3] working on contact and commercial law, civil evidence, damages, administrative law, and financial services.[2] He rejoined Essex Court Chambers in 1994,[4] and appointed a Queen's Counsel in 1998.[5]

He was a law lecturer at the University of Bristol 1972–73, then became a law tutor at Merton College, Oxford until 1994. He was the founding director of the Centre for Public Law (1997–2001) and is an Honorary Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. He was Rouse Ball Professor of English Law at the University of Cambridge from 1993 to 2003.[6] Lord Falconer called him an "outstanding academic lawyer".[2]

In July 2001 he became a fellow of the British Academy[7] and he was President of the British Academy of Forensic Sciences 2007–09.[2] In 2012 Beatson was a member of the advisory group that produced A Restatement of the English Law of Unjust Enrichment.

Beatson was a Crown Court Recorder in 1994 and a Deputy High Court Judge in 1999. He was appointed to the High Court on 29 April 2003, receiving the customary knighthood, and was assigned to the Queen's Bench Division. On 26 July 2012, it was announced he would be appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal to fill a forthcoming vacancy.[5]

He attended Whittingehame College, Brighton, then studied law at Brasenose College, Oxford.[2] He is married and has a daughter and a deceased son.[2] From Wikipedia

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