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Explaining my case by video.

I have thousands of documents some of which I have not scanned and catalogued. Asking someone to read each document would be asking for the impossible. I have therefore only published sections or first pages of some documents (Affidavits & Police Statements) as a means of clarity. This is a work in progress as I keep finding more relevant pages daily.

Most of these documents are now in digital form making it easier for someone to receive them.


There are 4 main videos. Running times vary from 26 minutes through to 36 minutes (click to see). Short videos made to clarify certain points with a running time of just a few minutes can be seen Throughout this website.

James D Gore a fucking lying scumbag. He has 2 sons, great role model!


Page 2-3 of Jimmy Gore’s Statement

Sometime between 1998 and 1999, I think when Tracey was pregnant with GEOREE, I was told by TRACEY that we were going around to FLEUR’S for a ‘family meeting’.

I had no inclination whatsoever about the content of it.

We all sat around a table and a discussion ensued about how TRACEY and FLEUR had been molested by JAMES when they were very young.
I was really shocked, as already mentioned, I had no idea at all.



Running time 36 minutes

Tracey Gore destroys James (Jimmy) Gore's statement. Making him a fucking lying piece of shit. 

First page gore's Police Statement

Pages 77 - 78 of Tracey Gore’s Police Statement made on the 16th October 2008


Jimmy David Gore is a weasel.

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