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Explaining my case by video.

I have thousands of documents some of which I have not scanned and catalogued. Asking someone to read each document would be asking for the impossible. I have therefore only published sections or first pages of some documents (Affidavits & Police Statements) as a means of clarity. This is a work in progress as I keep finding more relevant pages daily.

Most of these documents are now in digital form making it easier for someone to receive them.


There are 4 main videos. Running times vary from 26 minutes through to 36 minutes (click to see). Short videos made to clarify certain points with a running time of just a few minutes can be seen Throughout this website.

James D Gore a fucking lying scumbag. He has 2 sons, great role model!


Page 2-3 of Jimmy Gore’s Police Statement

Sometime between 1998 and 1999, I think when Tracey was pregnant with GEOREE, I was told by TRACEY that we were going around to FLEUR’S for a ‘family meeting’.

I had no inclination whatsoever about the content of it.

We all sat around a table and a discussion ensued about how TRACEY and FLEUR had been molested by JAMES when they were very young.
I was really shocked, as already mentioned, I had no idea at all.


Running time 36 minutes


James Ashlea Colton 3

James Ashlea Colton was sexually assaulted when he was a child by Jimmy Gore. On the orders of his mother he refused to acknowledge these actions by Jimmy Gore. However there is no ‘Statue of Limitations on sex offences in the UK. Therefore mummy’s boy can bring charges against Jimmy Gore at any time.


Mummy, Sheela Hagan covered up a sexual offences against her son!

Jimmy Gore ex-wife Tracey Gore stated:

“Totally out of the blue my stepfather said he thought I should know that James (my brother) had said that my husband had been touching his "bum" and that my brother "did not like it".”

“That morning I told my husband what my stepfather had said. My husband was totally flabbergasted at these allegations and I assured him not to worry, I would go and sort things out.

Tracey Gore destroys James (Jimmy) Gore's statement. Making him a fucking lying piece of shit. 

First page gore's Police Statement

Pages 77 - 78 of Tracey Gore’s Police Statement made on the 16th October 2008


Jimmy David Gore is a slimy weasel.

Gore took part in the theft of my belongings at this address

myhouse 3

40 Stokewood Road Bournemouth

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