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Blackmailers Turned up at my house

In January 1998, I was in the house, the Wifey calls me saying she wants to come and see me in a couple of days to discuss the divorce. She turns up with Gordon Moores, a Private Investigator who they had hired for 40 to blackmail me. Moores accuses me of (historical) sexual abuse against the two stepdaughters. If I move out of the house and leave Bournemouth immediately, no more be said (this Blackmail is later admitted by the eldest stepdaughter. Moores confirms this in a letter written on 26 February 1998.

See pages 60-61 in Tracey Gores police statement,  in Documents

Blackmail under the Theft Act 1968

A person is guilty of Blackmail if, with a view to gain for himself or another or with intent to cause loss to another, he makes any unwarranted demand with menaces; and for this purpose a demand with menaces is unwarranted unless the person making it does so in the belief—

    (a that he has reasonable grounds for making the demand; and

    (b) that the use of the menaces is a proper means of reinforcing the demand.

    (2) The nature of the Act or omission demanded is immaterial, and it is also immaterial whether the menaces relate to action to be taken by the person making the demand.

    (3) A person guilty of Blackmail shall on conviction on indictment be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

    R v Hadjou [1989] 11 Cr. App. R. (S) 29 In the calendar of criminal offences Blackmail was one of the ugliest and most vicious because it involved what one found so often, attempted murder of the soul. Deterrence was perhaps the most important part of the sentence in such a case.

    (4) R v Hollinworth and Yates [1994] 15 Cr. App. R. (S) 258 Current Sentencing Practice B6-63A15. Pleaded guilty to Blackmail. The defendants sent notes to a man aged 63, threatening to accuse him of offences against boys unless he was paid. Significant mental anguish as the demands were carefully planned and repeated even though the complainant was not homosexual. 3 years.

    (5) R v Daniels [2002] 1 Cr. App. R. (S) 100 (at 443); EWCA Crim. 1843 The defendant threatened to make completely unfounded allegations that the complainant had been cottaging. A victim is more likely to succumb if the allegations are true. 2 years.

This action against me falls flat, and they must regroup themselves. It is worth saying here that the District judge at my divorce ignored this offence along with the Conspiracy to Pervert the course of justice and other crimes. Why?

I didn't give in to the Blackmail, so they call up the devil and reign terror on me, throwing bricks through my windows and banging on my doors early in the morning. These actions end with a threat to my life by the 2 sons-in-law. I report this to the police, who confirmed the offence. I take the threat seriously because one of these thugs (Mark Thompson) belongs to a very violent biker gang in Poole Dorset. In fear of my life, I leave my home, seek refuge in a guest house that evening, and leave Bournemouth the following morning.

Offences Against the Person Act 1861

    F116 Threats to kill.

    • A person who without lawful excuse makes to another a threat, intending that that other would fear it would be carried out, to kill that other or a third person shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

When this blackmail failed they had me threatened with my life!

Dorset Police confirmation

In my Police Statement at page 7 I made it clear

There was Jimmy GORE the husband Mark THOMPSON the husband James COLTON the son junior her and this Mark THOMPSON collared me one night outside Stokewood Road swimming pool and he said I want you out of that house And he said if you're not out of that house tonight you'll get he was a biker he said if you're not out of that house tonight you're get a visit and they carry firearms these guys. So I legged I had the sense to leg it. It was on bloody Valentine's Day. I caught the eight o'clock bus out of Bournemouth on Valentine's Day and I went to Skegness.”

Dorset Police took no notice, so it was never investigated. While my legal representatives and the court hid this away from the jury.

All these documents can be found in ‘DOCUMENTS

Under English law women are fully protected in what they say and do!