Black Cap Murder of English Justice

James Colton FIGHTING BACK against judicial corruption

Never in the field of British justice has so many been let down by so few!

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The purpose of this site is legal information (not advice) highlighting the pitfalls the corruption and bad practices. How to protect yourself from bad lawyers, court officials and corrupt judges.


Your input is vital in helping others so please contribute if you can. Your experience is valuable in this quest for justice in a country that promotes kangaroo courts to cage innocent citizens. James Colton

Want to see the top UK judge up-to his neck in corruption click here


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Serious corruption has happened in our justice system - and the penalties could stand to be harsher

Bribery strikes at the heart of UK justice. It is pernicious; the slightest hint that is acceptable and it will only grow



The UK justice

system is a

magnet for the



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Young lives were ruined and justice was betrayed - Alison Saunders ... Apr 2018 - Guilty until proven innocent. The tenure of Alison Saunders at the Crown Prosecution Service will be remembered for a monstrous  inversion of that fundamental principle of British justice. I began to  campaign for Saunders to be sacked after receiving emails from two  Telegraph readers, shellshocked.



Alison Saunders is the worst DPP in living history says STEPHEN POLLARD click to read

One of hundreds of men fighting for justice

In the name of God Almighty all I ask is that the general public wake up to what is going on. My health is now such that my efforts to publicise the situation, even if I eventually get justice, will not help me much. I have concluded that what I am doing may well cost me my life but what is a life when it has been made pure pain and suffering at the hands of the corrupt justice establishment? It is a sad reflection when Tony Blair has recently been preaching at home and abroad on the matter of justice when Britain remains second only to Turkey for the abuse of human rights.Click to read more

Innocent  Man in Prison


Every branch of the justice system is bent click to see the evidence


"English law" is a term of art. It refers to the legal system administered by the courts in England and Wales, which rule on both  civil and criminal matters. English law is renowned as being the mother  of the common law and is based on those principles. English law can be described as having its own legal doctrine, distinct from civil law legal systems since 1189. Yet the evidence shows English courts are not what the propaganda claims.

Getting A Fair Trial - BBC May 18

There are always mistakes in false allegation statements. FIND THEM! OR GO TO PRISON!